Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Who knew, when Melissa and I met, that our boys' birthdays would only be 2 days apart? So her son's last day of being 9 was on Monday, and my twins' last day is today. Tomorrow they will be 10. Double digits. 20 if you add them together, as one of my friends pointed out! (No, I can't even think of that.)

Part of me is weepy over the seemingly fast rate at which they are growing. But part of me is loving how they are becoming more independent and more mature. I love watching the process and imagining the men that they will become.

And yes, part of me is longing for the days when I can actually leave the house and not have to worry about being home for the bus! Or planning a night out with the hubby without (gasp!) hiring a babysitter. But I realize that with those privledges for me come all new problems of the pre-teen and teenage years. Ugh!

So for now, I'll just be wistful, remembering the 1-digit years of my boys' lives. **Sigh**

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