Monday, February 7, 2011

Somehow, I Wasn't Expecting You, Monday

It's Monday. Really? Because my days have started running together and I'm not sure which week it is, let alone which day. Seriously! After three snow days in a row, everything getting adjusted toward that, and the fray of trying to catch up, yet stay ahead, because we have another snow system moving in on Tuesday night (or is it Wednesday? I have no idea!) even my daughter thought it was Valentine's Day today.

And 5 minutes into my drive to work this morning, the school nurse called. Rats! I had even thought yesterday,"Hmmm... maybe we dodged the winter bullet this year." Nope. (Think I jinxed myself?) Now I'm simply hoping that whatever Z1 has 1.) passes quickly and 2.) does not get the rest of the family. We'll see, right? Because honestly, I don't have the time to be sick. I'll never catch up then!!!! So I went to work, gave the scheduled exam, because after the snow days last week, my students are all screwed up timewise. Flew back to the elementary school where the world's best school nurse kept my child in her office for me, ran by my other job to set up the desk for lessons tonight and am now awaiting the sitter so I can go back to work. Nothing like a little running around, right?

Also, posted are a few more pics of Z1's winning tank. I didn't feel like the Friday pics did it justice, and after all the work both guys put into it, I felt like it deserved to be seen. (Yes, sometimes I am THAT mom. I'll own it.)

Yours, hoping you all are well and dodging that yucky winter mess!


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