Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fun- Almost Marilyn

It's a beautiful day in The Lou. Yesterday it hit 72 degrees. Quite a change from our ice storm two weeks ago. Today is a breezy 65. Breezy being the key word, here.

Yesterday was so lovely that when I was getting dressed this morning, I could bear closed toe shoes no longer. Which lead to the short sleeved tee with the, of course, silk sarong pants. A perfectly ingenious and logical conclusion, one would agree, particularly when going to work on a Friday. So off I went, completely happy in my comfy choice. I went to work taught my class, and after visiting with a few people began to make my way to the parking lot.

Currently, due to construction, it's a 10 minute hike. No worries. I put my briefcase and purse on my shoulder, grab my coffee mug and start for the lot. Beautiful sunny morning, I'm enjoying my walk. Nothing like a sudden gust of wind to break my Friday reverie. You see, my pants, since they wrap, are a bit billowy. And today I discovered that when the wind catches them just right, not only do they billow, but the legs separate. I also discovered that if your arms are full, it's difficult to catch your pantlegs before they blow sideways. All the way up your leg.

I'm currently reconsidering which undergarments I will wear with these lovely pants throughout the Spring. Especially on breezy afternoons. Particularly when walking past construction.

Yours, hoping we all keep our pants together,



  1. Cat calls and all I am sure! Hold your head high and strut on by! When those construction dudes send whistles your way, just look over your shoulder and give 'em a shout back, "That is drop dead gorgeous to you, Buddy!

  2. OMG...But they are such beautiful pants!!! I have a visual now of you passing the site and entertaining them all. At least you brightened their day:)