Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday, uhm, fun. Right.

It's Friday, and usually that means I'm ready to let my hair down and kick back and have some fun. Today, I'm just glad it's Friday. Yes, I'm having a personal safety day. You know those days- the kind where you simply should remove yourself from civilized society for everyone else's personal safety? Well, I'm there. It usually passes quickly, but I always feel it's fair to warn people. It's like I tell my kids,"Love, if I tell you to duck, and you don't listen and you get hit, I can't help that."

But ANYway....

Z1 has been home most of the week. He's a pretty cool little boy, so I didn't mind it much. Until he gave me whatever he had. I still love him, of course, but whatever this is living inside my stomach and entrails, it's GOT to go. On Wednesday, we were playing double solitaire. It's fun and it's sorting, so even in my sleep deprived state, I can manage it. We were moving along and I finished just before he did. It upset him. "I'm NEVER going to be as fast as you!!!!" he wailed.

"Oh, honey," I replied,"One day you will beat me. You'll be much faster than me."

Still insulted he whined,"Yeah, but only because you'll be old and wrinkly!"

I didn't know quite how to take that....

Yours, wishing you a lovely, non-personal safety weekend,


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