Monday, March 1, 2010


Melissa and I make great business partners, probably due to the fact that we are SO DIFFERENT! In many ways we are extremely similar, which is what drew us to each other, such as our core values in how we raise our children and run our business. But sometimes our differences are SO extreme, even we have to laugh and shake our heads!

For example, Melissa is a very spiritual person and I sad catam, well… not. In any shape or form! She’s also a very emotional person. Let’s just say it takes a REALLY sappy commercial (remember those old AT&T commercials?) to bring a tear to my eye! She can just be talking about her day and BOOM! come the tears. (It’s so dang cute!)

But the other day as we were talking about our boys turning 9 (if you haven’t figured it out by now, their birthdays are only 2 days apart), our differences once again really came to light. Yes, I admit I was a bit wistful, but of course, Melissa had the water works turned on! The funniest thing was when we compared our first thoughts from when we both found out for the first time we were having boys.

Melissa didn’t find out until she actually gave birth to her beautiful baby boy. Having been a first grade teacher previously, her first thoughts were that she couldn’t wait until he was in first grade. She had memories of that time when little 6 year old boys would raise their hand and when she’d call on them, they’d say, “I love you Miss Whatever-her-name-was-then!” She longed to see that sweet, innocent time in his life.

065I knew WAY ahead of time that I was having boys. Not only am I way too impatient, but with twins on the way, I needed to have my ducks in a row as much as I could. So when I found out that I was having 2 boys, my first thought, and I swear this is the truth (just ask my sister!) was “How many years until they are in Cub Scouts and have their first campout with their father so I can have the entire house to myself?”

I kid you not! (Oh, and by the way, it took 7 1/2 years!)



  1. Very funny. I have to admit, it is not much different with girls. After making sure that she was breathing (when she came out she did not cry, after a few seconds that felt like hours, she sneezed four times), my first thought was, how am I going to get her to sleep through the night, so I can get some sleep too. Twenty one days later, when that was accomplished (yes, I know, I was extremely lucky), all I could think about is when she went to school so I could have an hour to myself. So I can definitely understand.

    Time goes so fast. Mine is 18 already. Enjoy the 9, 10 and even the teenage years. It goes before you know it.

  2. Melissa did point out that we are halfway to 18. I can't even wrap my brain around that one!

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