Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There’s no doubt about it, my home is a Lego Home! My kids (and that includes the adult one) are OBSESSED with all things Lego. Especiallylegos4 Star Wars Lego's. But there are a bunch of Indian Jones Lego's in there, with a sprinkling of assorted others around. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that my boys love Lego's. They can spend literally hours working on them, which is SOOOOO much better than playing video games or watching TV or, since those 2 options are usually NOT options, walking around the house whining that there’s nothing to do. So in the winter, when playing outside is also not an option, Lego’s are fabulous.

BUT… (you KNEW there was a BUT coming!) let me tell you about my Lego World. My husband built these wonderful shelves down in the basement for all of the completed Lego sculptures. Here it is:

legos3Notice how the shelves are mostly empty? No, that’s not because the Lego’s are elsewhere in the basement. Here is my dining room table:

And here is my entry hallway:

I don’t even want to show you what a typical day looks like in my family room, but all I can say is it’s like an obstacle course.

So while you are considering whether or not to feel sorry for me, let me leave you with one parting thought: Have you ever stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night? Half asleep? Barefoot, of course?



  1. Girl, I feel your pain literally. We live in a house of legos too. The way i solved the problem of legos everywhere was to put a long folding table in my son's room. Legos have to stay on top and underneath the lego table. That way he has a work space and storage for the lego blocks. In addition they have a tray table they are allowed to bring out and play legos in the living areas of the house but again the legos have to stay on that tray table. It works for us =)

  2. Love it, Karen! We love Polly Pockets and Liv dolls in our house. Hurts like mad when stepping on little doll accessories, so I can imagine what a Lego must feel like.