Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yes, We're Back. Refreshed? Uhm . . .

Spring Break. Yes, we survived it. It was nice to be away- we got away for about three days (five if you count the driving days) and to be honest, I really liked having my cell phone off. I really liked not thinking about ANYthing for a few days. The only problem is, it's still here when you return, and usually there is more of it because you've been away. The nice thing about Spring Break is, most of us are in the same boat, whether we went away or had a staycation, so we're all playing catch-up this week. At least the playing field is level.

So coming back, first things first, we have to be organized. Now, after a trip, when I'm on vacation time (think Bahamian time), I walk slower, respond slower, plan slower. . . I'm just slower altogether. So kicking it back into gear can really take some motivation. Tackling everything all at once generally wears me out completely, thus nullifying the vacation. Bleh! So I've learned to do the following:

1.) Start with the absolute MUSTS. This would include clean underwear and milk for the next morning. The whole laundry sort and grocery list, I can get to sometime that week, as long as I have clean underwear and milk for cereal, I'm good to go.

2.) As tempting as it is to put everything in a pile and deal with it later, DEAL WITH IT AS YOU COME TO IT. I take my toiletries bags upstairs to the bathroom and as I'm getting ready the next morning, I'm unpacking AND PUTTING AWAY. (It's the follow through of putting away that is generally lacking for me after a vacation). No sense in doing it the moment I get out of the car. I will store it as I use it. Same thing for unpacking anything clean. I will put it away as I am putting the other laundry. No sense in having two sessions, know what I mean?

3.) Check messages and mail IMMEDIATELY. You just never know what you forgot while you were away (my girlfriend was away this past week and forgot we had tickets to the John Mayer concert. Boy was she steamed!) or things that need immediate attention.

4.) Remember to be kind to yourself. While vacation is wonderful, traveling can make you a little tired, so don't be surprised if you feel like going to bed a little early or need an extra cup of coffee. It's okay. Listen to your body and give it what it needs in order to retain the relaxation you got when you were on vacation (relaxation- ask Karen how relaxed she was at the theme parks. . . :-)

Hope you all are having a wonderful start to Spring. Feel free to take a break today!




  1. Relaxed? What's that? Oh yeah, that's what I felt when everyone went back to school and work!

  2. NO KIDDING! Anyone else reveling in the quiet of their home? THIS is sanity- me, home alone. It nearly makes me giddy.