Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts-How Would This Make You Feel?

So I teach piano in my home. I have a regular sitter. This particular sitter has been with me for four years now. We love her. She's a part of the family by now and my students know her too.

I finish teaching a lesson and my student walks into my kitchen. Not unusual as the student knows my kids and they usually chat a moment or two before she leaves. As I am walking by, I hear the student whisper to my sitter, "My Mom asked me to get your phone number."

Right there, in my own kitchen, my sitter is being recruited by my student. It's not like I don't know the student's mom. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive. But couldn't the mom have asked me directly? Or had the student ask me if it was okay? I KNOW it's not like I own my sitter by any means. I know she sits for other people, too. But it all felt so sneaky. I'm sure I'm being a bit ridiculous, but it really put me on the defensive.

It's entirely possible that there are a hundred explanations that would completely diffuse any hint of territorialness. But at the moment, I somewhat feel like an unspoken, yet understood line has been crossed. I ALWAYS ask my friends before I approach a sitter that has been sitting in their home. They've always asked me. I thought that was how it worked. I need some input here. . .


Yours, not getting worked up, but slightly HHMPHED,


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