Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Sass- Don't Try This At Home

I've been making a mess in the kitchen. I've been working on some Father's Day things this afternoon. I've been happy to be with the family this weekend. We've had a lot of busyness lately and I feel a real need to slow down. The kids think otherwise. ("Mom, I'm bored!" To which I reply,"I am not the Bishop Entertainment Committee. Figure it out.") 

Anyway, one thing The Hubs really likes is homemade biscotti. I have perfected the recipe in our household. It took me about 3 years to get it just right. And of course, he likes it with chocolate on it. Not a big deal. Just time intensive and somewhat messy. The chocolate was not cooperating with me today, so I had to spread it on as opposed to drip it on. This created quite a mess of crumbs on the kitchen floor. Sweeping is not my favorite activity, so I drug out the vacuum cleaner. I began vacuuming up the crumbs on the wood floor. And then I saw a bunch of crumbs on my stove. My stove is gas, so not being a flat-top, you have to lift everything to wipe out the bottom where all the crumbs were, by the flame unit. I had the vacuum cleaner going and I though, "I'll just put the hose there and suck up all those crumbs and call it good."

It sounded easy enough in my head.

But did you know that if you get the suction hose close enough to the stove, and the stove is on, and it happens to be a gas FLAME, that the FLAME will go right up the vacuum hose? Immediately?!

To say the least, there was a fair amount of dancing about whilst increasing the volume of my voice.

So glad they were at the pool. 

Yours, wondering if my kitchen will ever be safe from me,


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