Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Funny- Suits of Shame???

Recently, we took a trip to San Francisco. The Hubs has a business conference there, so I joined him at the end for a few days of complete down time. I do mean complete. I had no internet access. And did you know in California, on the coast, cell reception (even on 4G) is sketchy? Oh yes! But honestly, I was quite happy. 
We spent a day in San Francisco and our beloved St Louis Cardinals were playing the Giants so we took in the game. Surprisingly, there were quite a few Redbird fans out there. And KUDOS to The Giants, who were gracious opponents (and victorious, at that). 
We lost the game on some frustrating errors. (I know, right? As IF I could talk sports. LOL! This would be the mark of a married woman whose husband adores baseball.) Since it was only The Hubs and I, and we were not in The Lou, where the lines would be unbelievable to see the team coming out, we decided to wait around to see if we could get pictures of the players. We waited for a long time. Finally, we begin to see some people walking to the busses. A few coaches, Mark Maguire, Mike Shannon, and then-

Wainright comes out in a full camo tuxedo.

Camo as in camouflage. Hunter/Army camouflage.

Skip Schumacher dressed as a leprechaun? 

And handsome man Lance Berkman in head to toe pink?

Out comes the manager, Mike Matheny, in a wonderfully cut suit, no costume in sight.

I couldn't figure it out. Why the funky suits? Then it hits me. Had you seen the game, you would have probably known how we all felt. The World Champions losing the game on silly errors. (Especially after our catcher, Yadi, hits a GRAND SLAM. Hello!!!!) Matheny MUST be making them wear The Suits of Shame. 

Lose like that again? Freese is donning the Cat In the Hat Outfit

Yours, thinking I'ma gonna like Mike Matheny!


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