Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Unexpected

One of my closest lifelong friends is preparing to adopt. It's been a huge decision for her and her husband. There's a lot of hoops to jump through, and nothing is guaranteed. Last night, she was over for a gathering of friends, and she began asking so many questions about raising kids and parenting and what it's like..

"The best that I can tell you is this," I said." It's 75% really, really hard work. And some days you don't know top from bottom. But the other 25% is so incredibly sweet, that it makes the other melt away. And it's usually those moments out of the blue..."

Like yesterday, when I was in the car with Z1. He was being such a gem- I altered his schedule and it required him to run to work with me and he just grabbed a book and said,"Okay." I was driving and said,"Son, what did I do to get so lucky to have a boy like you?"

Without missing a beat he said,"You were just being you, Mom. And that's enough."

I think he's golden for a while. :-)

Yours, reveling in the unexpected,


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