Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Tidbit-We do for our kids, why not ourselves?

So to echo Karen's thoughts yesterday, it struck me as odd that when I'm at the doctor with my child, I have absolutely no problem speaking up for them. I am their advocate and they are my charge. Or to say it a little more picturesquely, Mama Bear is in the room and ain't nobody movin' on 'til Mama Bear is satisfied that all of the issues have been addressed.

So why is it that when I go to the doc for myself I can turn into Little Miss Muffet? Seriously. It must be the editor inside me saying,"Now Melissa. Don't be silly. They'll think you're a hypochondriac. You're just over reacting. Don't be such a drama queen!" To the extent that remember that blood test I was getting about a month ago? Well, my doctor had added on another test because I mentioned something and since it had not acted up for a month or so, I promptly scratched that test off the list.

And now, after Karen's experience, I'm thinking that may not have been the best course of action. Hmmmmmmmm.....

If I can speak up for my kids, I can speak up for myself. I'm finding ways to do it more often, and politely, but I must remember to not stand there and just 1.) accept what I'm being fed and 2.) smile and nod when I don't agree. Afterall, I'm just a big kid. So I should have no problem speaking up for myself.

Yours, wondering how I will speak up and still keep it filtered.....


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