Monday, September 6, 2010


laborday_400 As we all labor away at whatever we do in life, whether it be outside the home in an office or inside the home as a caregiver, or just struggling to take care of ourselves the best as we can, take pause for a few moments today to say thanks.

THANKS to all those who have labored before us to make our country as wonderful as it is today.

THANKS to all those who continue to labor today to keep our country running smoothly, from the factory worker to the CEO to (gasp, yes) even the politicians, who are all (hopefully) doing the best job they can, given the resources they are provided.

THANKS to those inside our own home.  When the kids pick up that extra toy, or DH puts away that load from the dishwasher, who knows?  Maybe we’ll be inspired to clean out that closet today.  OR NOT!!!  Just sit back and enjoy!

Have a great holiday weekend!


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