Monday, September 13, 2010


I recently had surgery.  Nothing major, but enough to keep me down for a couple of weeks (thanks, Melissa for picking up the blogging slack!).  One of the areas that my husband needed to take over was the grocery shopping.

Let me just sidetrack here and say, not only do I not EVER send him to the grocery store, but I don’t even let him come with me. dad grocery store It’s worse than having the kids with me.  Really.  Because I can’t really say “no” to him when he puts something in the basket like I can to the kids!

So he comes home from his little excursion, with this HUGE smile on his face, SO proud of himself, and all I can think is “Uh oh!”

“I spent $200” he tells me.  “Um, on what, honey?”  “All sorts of really great stuff!”  I start looking in the bags.  I see frozen pizzas, boxes of sugar cereals, bags of miniature donuts, Bagel Bites, more pizzas, UGH!

Then he tells me, “And then I see ALL THESE FOODS that all you have to do is take them out of the freezer and put them in the microwave and you have dinner.  WOW!  Look at this lasagna I got!”  I don’t even try to explain to him the nutritional content of prepared foods, I just let him ride his high for a while!

So a few days later, one of my neighbors was nice enough to go back to the grocery store and get me some milk, fruit, veggies, you know, the staples that should have been included in that $200 my husband spent.

I let him think he did a great job before I burst his bubble, but he’s still not convinced that the lasagna wasn’t a great find.  And it was pretty good!


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  1. I know exactly what you mean although I must say that my husband is pretty good with a list. I do notice however that I spend more money when I take him with me to the store than when I don't.

    I love having things I made like turkey chili or my turkey enchilada casserole in the freezer so that homemade options are available as "frozen foods" but healthy.