Friday, September 24, 2010


It's FRIIIIIIIIDAY! Oh Friday, how I love you. Words cannot express how much I look forward to you during the week. The thought of a long expanse of time when I can work on whatever I choose, however I choose.... you don't disappoint!

But the main reason for singing notes of happiness today is this:

Go ahead- click on the text above and see the special we're running. After visiting with my parents this week, I've realized more than ever, I've got to keep it together for their and my sake. I've already sent a copy to my mom and she has begun filling it out so that we're all clear on everything.

I'm grateful. It's a conversation I didn't want to have, but glad I did.

Yours, looking forward to the weekend!


PS- I know this was not a typical sassy, fun Friday post. I promise to get back to my normal, unfiltered, stream-of-consciousness thinking by next Friday!

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