Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Happened to the Box of Big Crayons?

Remember when you were a kid and on the first day of elementary school you would get some fresh paper and a new box or those fat crayons? They were brand new and I loved the way they felt on my hands. A whole new year with fresh crayons and blank paper. It felt like anything was possible.

Last night, I FINALLY, after three trips, finished the school supply shopping. I'm not talking about clothes or shoes or backpacks. I'm talking about a specific list about 25 items long. Specific as in : An orange two pocket folder, no prongs. A CLEAR, plastic protractor, no arm, please.

Add to that, the fact that everyone else is searching for the SAME 25 items (multiplied by the number of children in your family) and it can get a little tense at your local Wal-mart or Target. You do not even want to hear about the people I encountered on Sunday when I was trying to get a lot of the shopping finished.

I love that my children will have all they need to learn, but when did we start needing so much? I just wonder why my 2nd grader needs how many permanent markers? A fine-tip red marker? Sharpies? Really? Is it just me or does everyone else have this kind of list where it costs you $40-$60 in supplies? Just wondering. . .

Would love to hear what other school districts are like. Please, let me hear from you.

Yours, longing for a new box of eight, fat crayons and some blank paper,


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