Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Thoughts- Cereal and Badgers

She's 7. Let me tell you, even at age 7, I can tell this child will be a lawyer. She comes by it naturally. When I took all those personality tests in high school and beginning years of college, they always came back the same- be a lawyer or a musician. And while I had (and still do) an interest in politics and the inner workings of the law, Beethoven called. Followed by Chopin. And when Debussy showed up, I was sunk. Then I found Jazz (or it found me. . .) and it was OVER. Somehow, I just couldn't find any joy in humming the texts of City Ordinance 12.8. Jazz was much more fun. (Unless, of course, it has a Sting sort of groove to it, and then it might be workable).

And even though Z2 is beginning to play piano, she is more than adept at arguing her point. The word "No" is like a red flag. Say "no" and she just gives you another FIFTEEN reasons why you should agree with her. And heaven help you if you try to get the last word in. She's more highly skilled at that than my two sisters-combined. And THAT'S saying something! (Kudos to "Under the Breath Beth" and "Last Word G"!)

This morning, I finally had to explain to her what badgering is. You know, like "badgering the witness". The analogy of a pecking chicken wasn't working anymore, so we've moved up to badgers. A 15 minute debate on why I need to be purchasing a particular cereal. Fifteen minutes. On. Cereal.

She's going to wear me out.

For now, as the Mommy, I am choosing to look at how we can channel this energy and perseverance into a fine and usable character strength by teaching her when and how to debate. The "when", I believe, is the more important of the two. As in, not before Mommy has had her coffee....

And when I can take it no longer, I put my hand up and say,"Save it for the courtroom, sister!"

Yours, uhm, "enjoying" shaping my little one's strengths,


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