Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Thoughts- Time to PURGE.

It's Thursday. I'm thinking about purging.

With all of this getting ready for school and organizing, it's the perfect time to purge. Go through everything. Make piles of the things I'm not using. Donate. Sell. Clean out. Give away.

It's also a good time to update your information. Did your kid's school change? Better write down the new address and phone number. New schedules? Better write those down too. Yesterday I made a master schedule. It took me one and a half hours. It's to the point where I believe I may start color coding everyone. Yes, it's getting that full.

What about child ID information? We all know how much the kids grow over the course of the year. Yesterday afternoon, Z1 went to his first Fall Soccer practice. All the boys look so much older- like boys! Hard to believe he's a tween now and showing symptoms of it in choices (and attitude). But it reminds me I need to update his profile with a more current picture. Somehow, I don't think his 2nd grade photo would work anymore!

As the school year begins, take the time to clean out and update.

Yours, changing out photos,



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