Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's the First Day of School!!!!!!!!

First day of school! First day of school!!!!!! Woooohoooooooooooo! It's the first day of school!!!!!!

Pardon me, I'm a little excited. You should have seen the look I got from Z2 this morning when I turned on the CD player and it blared out "The Hallelujah Chorus".

Yes. I. DID.

Played it all the way to school and all the way to work.

I'm just not one of those moms who cries on the first day of school. Maybe I will some day in the future, but not today! Had it not been for the heavens opening and me having a weekend to myself, I don't know that we would have made it to today. And although it's been a busy day (I started a new job- more on that in another post) I cannot tell you how good it feels to know they are going to come home dog-tired and no energy left to aggravate each other.

That alone makes me give thanks.

Yours, grateful to have made it through yet another summer without bloodshed and the tearing off of limbs,


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