Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fun- Holy Cow!

Hello, dear Readers! A special hello to all of our followers, loyals and newbies. We're so glad you choose to follow us. Thanks!

It's Friday. Yesterday, by about this time, I was fully considering squatting in the corner, sucking my thumb and softly chanting to myself, "Only four more days until school starts. Four more days. I can make four more days...."

And would you believe, no... I can't even believe it myself.... I mean really! Who would have thought?!?!?

My husband, earlier this week, made plans to visit his niece in Oklahoma. She is leaving to go to a missionary school in Maui for three months and then on to a far away country for at least a year. He definitely should spend some time with her. He thought about taking one of the Z Kids with him and chose to take Z1. It would make for a nice weekend, just the boys, and Z2 and I could find plenty of girl things to do.

But this morning, he asked me,"Honey, what do you think about Z2 going along with us?"

Uhm . . . . .

Here, let me help you get everyone packed!

I WILL miss them. It WILL be quiet. (Did I say quiet? What is that? Silence? Can't remember what that sounds or feels like...) But frankly, after a summer of overwhelmingly high decibel levels, I could use just a bit of a break.



The only question is what do I do first?

Yours, contemplating ALL of my options,