Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Thoughts- Encouraging Compliance

I know, right? I have been going through some files lately and finding notes and idea packets that I've been holding onto. I was looking to do some more on the Good Kids/Bad Kids series, but I've misplaced my notes on that one. I will get back to it, right after I finish purging my office. (If you don't hear from me in a week, someone please send help!)

I did find some notes on encouraging compliance. Just the title made me laugh. I came up with a few ideas of my own in that arena (which involve things like duct tape and death threats.... but I digress...) but here are some of the ones I found a little more, uhm, attainable.

(Note: this packet was put together by Kim Cowherd of the Rockwood School District).

1.) Shorten the distance. (BWHAHAHAA! Yeah, I'll shorten the distance alright! You've seen my Mrs. Incredible Elastigirl moves, right?) Move close to the child. Asking while an arm's length away works better than asking from across the room.

2.) Use "Start" instead of "Stop". Tell your children to start using an appropriate behavior. As in..."Please start chewing with your mouth closed (before I take away your dinner plate!!!!!) (Any parenthetical statement is mine. Let's just make that clear now.)

3.) Make eye contact. Look the child directly in the eye as you give an instruction. (Yes, I've mastered the "stink eye" look. )

4.) Give descriptive directions. Instead of,"Time to go to work!" which is ambiguous and unclear, state the definitive, such as,"Time to read for thirty minutes." (Oh. You mean, I don't get to say something descriptive like,"Get it done now or you won't be playing game cube for the rest of the month!)

5.) Remain Calm. (I can't even type on that one. I'm laughing too much.. oooooooo here come the tears.... I may never regain control again....Like I had it in the first place!)

Yours, thinking about which strategies to implement,


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