Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit- Open Letter to the President (Part II)

Dear President Obama, About a month or so ago, I wrote you a letter about public perception and the use of media and the view of your presidentialness. I expressed that while I understood you wanting to be embraced as just like us, that you understood us, I was not ready to see you as someone just like me, rather that I wanted to view you as a brilliant leader of the free world. Your staff kindly sent me a form e-mail. While I doubt that those comments ever reached you, and the possibility of this letter reaching you is slim to none, I just wanted to tell you that I watched your address to the Westpoint Cadets the other evening. I have been following the entire process of your military decisions through the media. I just wanted to tell you, that in the process of making the decision and delivering that decision, you were everything I want the president to be. You thoroughly investigated all of the information, choices and consequences. You weighed it out. YOU made the decision based on the information at hand and what you believe the best course of action is for this country, even if you knew you would take a lot of heat from both sides. You delivered your decision in a clear, concise manner and addressed concerns and questions. Who knows what will happen and if this will truly prove to be the best course of action. But I believe that in the way you have handled this, clearly, you are fulfilling your role as a strong leader, one worthy of the calling of president. Thank you, President Obama, for stepping up and leading. Best wishes to you and the First Family for a wonderful Christmas, Melissa Bishop

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