Monday, December 21, 2009


Christmas is only 4 days away, and I’m trying my best to create a calorie deficit by then. But it’s not just Christmas I’m worried about. My mom and my sister are both coming in town the day after, so of course that means most of our meals will be eaten out. In fact, the majority (okay, all) of our activities will be built and planned around our meals.

And it certainly doesn’t help that I actually gained 1/2 pound last week.romantic dinner I mean, really, who gains the week BEFORE Christmas? Me, that’s who! Then this weekend was a total bust. DH and I went out for a nice romantic dinner Saturday night (well, the restaurant was romantic, the candlelight was beautiful, the service was fabulous, the food was to-die-for, but, oh yeah, his seat was facing the bar where he could see the Saints/Cowboys game playing… not that he was watching!) where I ate WAY too much of course. Then our own pitiful football game on Sunday where it’s impossible to eat sensibly at a stadium, and out to eat again Sunday night after our horse-drawn carriage ride with the boys to see the lights.

spin class So now it’s Monday morning, and I’m getting ready to go to spin class at the gym, where I will be EVERY morning this week until Christmas, trying to build that calorie deficit. Oh shoot, I just remembered, I have a holiday lunch with a friend at an Italian restaurant today, so that’s a wash. Tomorrow I can be good, though.

**Sigh** Wish me luck!


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