Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Thoughts- Planning for Christmas

We survived through Thanksgiving. It was actually pretty nice, especially since I didn't do a lot of clean-up. :-) But now we are full steam ahead to Christmas.

Here at the B house, we are fully decorated. That's our tradition. The day after Thanksgiving, up go the wreaths and garlands, with an abundance of white lights and poinsettias. You can never have too many white lights and poinsettias.

But you all know that I have been on a simplification path. Usually, by this time in the year, I have shopped for nearly everyone on my list. In fact, I'm down to wrapping presents and baking and that's it! Yet, here it is, Dec 3, and I have four presents purchased. OY. I am in deep, deep trouble. To be fair, I've been completely overwhelmed lately with other projects, but the fact remains, I have some heavy duty catching up to do.

So I'm keeping it simple. Most everyone at school? Getting the same gift. The service people in my life? All getting the same gift. Family members? We drew names. That cuts out about 18 gifts. Seriously. So today, I'm making the master list. I'll check it a million times to make sure, draw up my plan of attack, keeping it simple.

I'll start with the things I know I can get online because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE online shopping. Why? Because I can visit a ton of different places all while in my pjs drinking cocoa by the fire. Unabashedly American, I know, but I love it. Then I'll make the list what's left and driving path. And off I'll go- AFTER I change out of my pjs and throw a ball cap on. :-) I'm keeping it simple this year and I'm loving it.

Yours, drawing up my plan of attack with more fierceness than the CIA,


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