Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Thoughts- No WAY!

So you all know I have been on a bent of simplicity, right? And with the Christmas Season here, I have to admit, there are still some things to which I would like to be able to continue doing. I LOVE sending out Christmas Cards. Last year, try as I may, they just did not get done. (Well, considering the fact that Z1 PUKED all over them during his bout with the flu, I'm sure my friends and family were quite delighted that I threw them away). It usually takes me about three evenings and by the time I am finished, my hand hurts horribly and I'm mentally spent. My list is about 100 people- relatives and lots of people I don't see through the year but still want to keep in touch with, and a lot of my in town friends. And I have always been taught that the proper way to address envelopes is in your own handwriting. No exceptions.

My husband has been after me for the last three years to put every one's name and address into a database and print label. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I mean, what would people think? Would they be offended that I couldn't take the time to write out their names? This past fall has been one of the busiest seasons I have ever known. Either it's getting busier or I'm just getting old. (Yes, it's getting busier!) So DH took matters into his own hands. Generally, I cringe at the thought. Mind you, he's a fantastic man, but you know men, when they do something it is mostly functional, with not too much thought to form or style. They just get it done.

He typed all those names into his computer and printed out labels. Today, we did our Christmas Cards- and he is even sick with the flu!- in RECORD time. . . .

One hour and fifteen minutes.

I'm not even lying.

Or exaggerating.

It was unbelievably aMAZing!!!!!!

And as I sit and post this, I can hear the mail lady coming by to pick up our cards. I cannot tell you the relief I am feeling at this moment. Sure, I still have a few to get done. (When DH did the list, he mistakenly omitted some of my relatives. . . ) But the big chunk- DONE! (Yes, cue the angelic chorus and the clouds parting with the sun streaming in).

I think I'm hooked on this label thing. Well, maybe. We'll see next Christmas.

Yours, basking in the simplicity of our Christmas Cards this year,


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