Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Madness- Introducing Humor

Typical Monday morning. No one wants to get put of bed no matter how many times I turn the lights on. The thought of going to school is unappealing. The thought of having to go to work even less than appealing. Who made Monday anyway? Oh, right. That would be a God thing. My Monday Moodiness is probably the least of His concerns at the moment, yes?

The Hubs and I have been doing something for the last year that has really made a breakthrough in our marriage, thus in family life. We laugh at things. We laugh at each other. We laugh at ourselves. We tick each other off by making fun at each other and laugh until the other person has to leave the room. This morning was no different.

He was fussy because it was Monday and he was taking The Lolanator to the vet. I had already gotten the speech the previous evening about it was not his dog, blah, blah, blah, and he doesn't know why, wah wah, waaaah,(insert Charlie Brown's teacher's voice here) wahh, wahh, and why should he have to blabbity blah blah. So this morning he announces he is taking my car (the one he prefers, nay, tried to con me out of by telling me how much better I looked in his car- FAT CHANCE BUCKO!) because he has to take the dog. So Z2 looks at me, rolls her eyes and says,"FUSS -Y!" to which he got even fussier. To which Z2 and I immediately pounced on and started making fun of him. So he had to leave the room. He comes back in to get Lola and sees that I have the pincher collar on her. She's not a bad or mean dog- she's a big teddy bear. But she doesn't realized her own strength, so the pincher just lets her know when she is going too far. I get lectured about that- how the vet always gives him a dirty look when she is wearing that collar.

I try to explain, but am promptly cut off mid sentence. So I change her collar. He makes it six steps out the door before she escapes and runs down the street. 

Yup. Sometimes you just gotta laugh!

Yours, thankful for humor,


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