Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Funny- It's Gettin' Snarky 'Round Here!

Here at Macaroni and Chicken Fingers, we're feeling the need to laugh more than ever. Or maybe we just really like to laugh. Did you see Karen's last post? There are far too many of those with which I identify. (No. I'm not telling which ones. So don't ask.) I recently discovered this humorous rant. I thought it was BRILLIANT on the part of the company, Bodyform. Not that I want a company to get ugly with anyone, but I thought this response was one of the best comebacks I've seen when someone goes on a facebook rant about their product. 

Make SURE you watch to the end. Well worth the laughter! 

Click HERE to laugh!

Yours, thinking about the men whose illusions will be shattered, and helplessly laughing,


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