Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Funny- So much worse...

And the hits keep coming. We continue our foray into the land of middle school tween boy development. I was helping him through his agenda/notebook and noticed a fill in the blank worksheet that said: 

Pimples are overactive (sweat glands) that have become (clogged). How will I take care of them?

I was thankful that this week's health unit was on personal hygiene. And I think it was good for him to hear it from another person in an academic setting. 

Btw, did I mention his gym coach is an old high school classmate? No. Kidding. My kid is going to be getting facts of life videos from someone with whom I graduated high school. Somehow I didn't imagine it like this. (He is, however, a great person, it's just amusing to me.)

So Z1 comes home from school last week and walks into the living room, drops his bag and flops his skin and bones frame onto the couch. 

"How was your day, honey?" I ask gingerly.

"Mom, we saw another video today," he replied. And it's so much worse."

Thinking he was finding out about more of his own body changes, I stupidly innocently say,"Oh, it's not that bad. What did you see?"

"Oh yes it is. It's the worst one yet! It was on the female endocrine system!!!"

I couldn't help but laugh. Out loud. Poor kid. "Yup, buddy. I think you're right."

Yours, thinking he's wise beyond his years,


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