Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The Tooth Fairy screwed up Monday night, big time! Yes, I know it was Halloween and she was busy, but my son lost his first molar and she FORGOT him. Seriously, how do you overlook a 10 year old boy who lost his first molar? And it was a rough one coming out. It cracked first and came out in pieces. We almost had to go to the dentist for this one. Really, Tooth Fairy?th_tooth-fairy

Luckily, I’m a FABULOUS mom who can explain these things away so my son didn’t feel slighted by her. I explained that on Halloween, a lot of kids eat a lot of candy, and have unfortunate accidents that involve losing teeth. So she has a lot of emergencies to keep up with. It seems that he, having been a scheduled stop, just somehow fell through the cracks.

I would have told him that had it not been Halloween, this wouldn’t have happened, but, well, the thing is, it actually has happened before. A couple of times actually. See, the Tooth Fairy is rather forgetful at our house. I don’t know why. Does she have something against me? Did I do something wrong to her when I was a child? Did I accidently see her?

Whatever the reason, I don’t know why she has to take it out on my kids! Lucky for her, she made up for it last night by not only remembering, but leaving MUCH more money than she usually leaves. I was going to hide out in my son’s room and wait for the Tooth Fairy so I could have a word with her about forgetting him Monday night, but, well, I forgot!



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