Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Funny- Excuse Me?

Time for Friday Funny. I have to admit this is a little more on the "I'm glad that's not me at the moment" side. As well as a little on the,"Hmmmmm, I wonder if it's time for a serious conversation?" side. 

The setting: Kitchen, 6:30 AM. It's dark outside. I'm still brewing coffee, meaning that I have not ingested any caffeine whatsoever and am clearly not cognizant enough to handle what comes next.

My two, beautiful, perfectly naive and innocent children are playing with the dog.

The conversation as I was brewing coffee...

Z1 (who, btw, is 10 yrs old): Mom, what are the worst cuss words EVER?

Me (taken aback, because, it IS 6:30 AM and I wasn't really expecting to start my day off with something he had clearly been pondering for a bit): Uhm, well, you probably don't need to know those since they are NEVER coming out of your mouth, right?

Z1: Okay the, could you tell me what the "F" word means?

Me: Honey, you don't need to worry about that right now because even if I explained it, you still won't use it, and you may not understand it when I explain it anyway.

Z2 (who is 8 yrs old) says to Z1: Don't worry Z1. I'll tell you later.

I think it's time for that talk.....

Yours, spending time with my children this weekend,


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