Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I got a new car Saturday. Or maybe I should say my husband got a new car, because I haven’t actually driven it yet, except to the grocery store on Sunday. But technically, it WILL be my car, once I get the “okey dokey” from my “car guy” hubby.cayenne

See, he’s the “car guy” and I’m the “money gal.” So we’re kind-of a tag team when we buy. He scopes out the vehicle, finds one we both like (he’s happy with mechanically and I’m happy with in the looks and “cool stuff” department), then I swoop in and negotiate the price. It works out pretty well. Only this time, I settled too early and didn’t realize I knew the manager I was haggling with until AFTER the deal was done. I hate when they stay behind the curtain like that! I could have played that “But we know each other” card and probably gotten a few hundred more off the price. Sigh, but what’s done is done. (Although I’ll probably sulk about this for a few more weeks!)

Anyway, so because he’s a car guy, I have to let him go through the car with a fine tooth comb. Oh, I should probably explain that this is not a NEW new car, it’s just new to me. Yeah, car guys like my hubby don’t buy NEW cars (not worth the money, depreciate as soon as you leave the lot, blah, blah, blah), but we buy beautiful used cars. No biggie, I’ve gotten used to driving used German cars instead of new American cars!

So I’m just waiting until I get to drive MY new car. Here’s hoping it’s soon! (Maybe he’s waiting until Mother’s Day!)



  1. Haha, well, look on the bright side: when you get the "okey dokey," you'll have a nice, functional, car waiting for ya! Used cars are no problem, as long as you know what you're doing. Get it checked out and make sure it doesn't have any serious problems. From the looks of it, your hubby knows what he's doing. Have fun once you start driving!

  2. Hmm... it's just a matter of time before you got that "okey dokey" you want, right? Well, Nicole has a point. There's no problem with used cars and it certainly is not a bad idea to get it checked out. This also reminds me that I should probably get mine checked as well. It's been a while since my car's last check up.

  3. Yep, I got my "okey dokey" and I'm loving my car! And no, there's nothing wrong with used cars! I drive the most beautiful, expensive-looking German cars on the market, but are several years old. Who can afford the new ones? Not me! Haven't had a new car in almost 20 years!!!

  4. It is perfectly normal to feel hesitant when something new comes our way, like a new vehicle. Sometimes you’ve gotten so used to the old car that you start wondering whether you’ll be able to handle the new one. But once you get the hang of it, you will start to notice the difference – in a cool way! So how are you finding the car now?

  5. Car guy + money gal = Sounds like you make a good combination for buying cars, not to mention other stuff as well! Well, I agree with you that not all brand new cars are worth it, and not all second-hand cars are of poor quality. Good thing your hubby knows those kinds of things quite well. That kind of knowledge can come quite handy in many instances. :)

    [Patrick Gauer]

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