Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Funny- So I'M the High Maintenance One?

Remember a few weeks ago when Zoe begged to go on the Brownie Camping Trip? She was completely undone that she was the ONLY one not attending. Remember the conversation (during which I was completely mortified) with her Brownie leader stating that I was more of a mani/pedi, take you to the mall kind of mom? That I was not a camping kind of mom....

And you know, I AM a Nervous Nelly when it comes to leaving my children with others when I'm traveling. But after the conversation with no less than six other moms convincing me she would be absolutely fine and they would watch over her like a hawk, I was convinced to spend an extra six hours packing her camping gear and errands and preparing a small but sweet thank you gift for the Brownie Leader and editing the travel agenda with more phone numbers than the Yellow Pages.

So needless to say I was a little rattled when Aunt Bet called me on Friday morning. After having countless conversations with Zoe, she told me that Zoe was absolutely freaked out about going camping and was adamant that she was NOT going under any circumstances.

Now, knowing my FearlessIMustBeTheFirstToTryIt Daughter, this concerned me. Why, all of a sudden, after all of that planning and begging and and pleading, was she completely going off the deep end about camping?

Being the person I am, after talking with Aunt Bet, I relenquished. Honestly, if she was that set on NOT going, surely there had to be a really good reason. As well, I believe that sometimes you just have to go with your gut... (you know, the whole,"I really felt like I should turn onto this street that day even though I NEVER do that and it saved me from a nasty car wreck that would have ended my life kinda thing. Yep. I'm that girl.)

Turns out.... one of her Brownie mates was not going because there were spiders and the bathrooms were disgusting.

And I'M the one who can't camp? It took everything I had not to say anything. Every last ounce of restraint. I know the important thing here is that Zoe can trust that I am listening, even when I'm on the other side of the States, but dagnabit! that was six hours of sleep I will never get back.

It's true. Children make you gray before your time.

Yours, knowing this will probably happen a few more times, and loving parenthood in spite of it,


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