Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Funny- AhThank you, Mrs. Ha-Wiggins!

My daughter. Completely verbal. You know the age. Knows everything because if it's her opinion it must be fact and she's not embarrassed to tell it. She has yet to find the balance in passing comments that need not be shared, and those for public consumption. Apparently, she was having the need to make things clear when I arrived to pick her up from her Brownie meeting.

I walked up to her leader, who is preparing them for their first camp outing this weekend. All the moms are going- except me.

Her leader and I begin exchanging hellos and Zoe grabs my hand, looks her leader dead in the eye and says,"Yeah... my mom is really not the camping type of mom. That's why she's not going."

Oh really? I had no idea, Zoe. Please, to my absolute mortification, continue to expound on that thought....

"She's really more of a mani-pedi mom. She likes to have her latte and sit on the couch. She'd much rather sleep in her own bed and she REALLY likes to get a massage. She's more of a take me to the mall kind of mom. I just don't think she would make it camping."

Well ahthankayouAhMrs.Ha-wiggins! (Yes, that's a Carol Burnett Show reference.

I had no idea that I wasn't cut out for camping. Mind you, it's not my chosen pastime, but truth be told, I am out of town while the Brownies are on there trip and that is why I won't be there. Thank goodness the leader already knows that. But the looks on the other moms' faces... that was another story.

Yours, wondering if I am now being labeled high maintenance,


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  1. I AM a high maintenance mom, and I'm proud of it!