Monday, May 16, 2011


thorSaturday night my family went to see Thor. Before I continue, I can hear you judgmental moms out there saying, “Isn’t that movie rated PG-13? And didn’t I just read that her kids recently turned 10? BAD mom!” Yes, all of that is true (except the bad mom part). Believe me, I checked it out beforehand. The only cuss words used were “damn” and “hell” (and only 3 times total, according to my children, who count these things), there was only one kiss, and while there was violence and fighting, there was very little blood and guts showing. So really, it was way less than most video games!

Anyway, I wasn’t thrilled about seeing this movie, but I figured anything that wasn’t a cartoon would be a nice change of pace for us, so I went along. Well, wasn’t I pleasantly surprised! We all loved, loved, loved this movie, albeit for different reasons.

The kids loved it because, well, they’re kids and there was lots of fighting. I don’t think they really got all the family in-fighting and brotherly tension, but that’s okay. I almost prefer it that way!

My husband loved it because he used to read all those comic books when he was a kid. And he loved it because he’s still a big kid and there was lots of fighting.

I loved it because of Thor himself. Really. Have you seen him? Without a shirt? Oh man! Take a look…

thor shirtless

You’re welcome!


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  1. I KNOW, right?!?!?!? Wow. And, we saw it a week ago and the first thing I said was,"I bet the kids would really like this movie!" So you know it's probably safe for 10yr olds!