Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I know we’re not a huge metropolis, here in St. Louis, Missouri, but we have our share of criminals. Sometimes, you just have to stop and say, “What is he thinking?”

We apparently have a criminal here who, although he sports a goatee, likes to dress up in a skirt and woman’s scarf, and rob stores. And notfunny crime just any stores. The first one he robbed was a clothing store named The Hustler Hollywood Boutique. The next week, he robbed a store called Work Wear For Less. Not sure what kind of “Work Wear” they sell there, but I wonder if there’s a pattern here. He’s not stealing clothes, though, he’s stealing cash. He waits for the cashier to open the register, then he pulls a long barreled shot gun out of his skirt (haha, sorry, that just makes me chuckle!) and robs them.

So this story just begs one to wonder: Is he gender confused? Is he trying to “find himself” amidst criminal behavior and cross dressing? What was his childhood like? Does he have Mommy issues? What’s with the goatee? Does he just like the skirt because it hides the gun better? But wouldn’t a pair of sweats work just as well? And then why accessorize with a scarf also?


Of course, others need to weigh in also on the newspaper’s website. The best comments both came from Charles Hendrickson who said “At least he hasn’t kilt anyone” and “He’s trying to skirt the law.” Way to go, Charles!

I am anxiously waiting for his next move. Maybe he’ll try wearing stilettos and trip while running away! We can only hope!


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  1. I am left with very disturbing imagery. *Goes in search of some brain bleach*