Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Tidbit- An Organized Snow Day?

All day yesterday I kept waiting for it to start snowing. There's something about snow days that just brings excitement. You would think I was still in third grade, the way I love snow days. I wait at the window like a puppy waiting for their best friend to come home. Waiting, peering, looking, searching. . . And then I see it. The first stray snowflake. It slowly drifts downward, followed by a few friends, eager to be the first to fall to the ground. And within seconds the sky is transformed into a magical place, full of wonder and mystery and the beautiful, magical crystals begin covering everything they fall upon.

A winter wonderland. An ice kingdom. A cozy home with a fireplace, hot cocoa and two children who have the day off from school.

Aw heck. What do I do now?!?!?!?! It was all sounding so fairy tale until that last part of the sentence. Never fear, I've come up with snow day solutions.

Things to do on a snow day:

Make them go outside and sled, build snowmen, forts and whatever else they can do. If they complain, they can stay inside and clean baseboards. Odds are, they will happily, cheerfully make their way outside. Or you'll get clean baseboards. Either way, you come out ahead.

Pull out every game you own- BOARD GAMES, that is. I'm holding off on the electronics until I am absolutely desperate. This is always a good day to sort through your toy piles as well. They'll play with things they haven't seen in months and before you know it, they are completely occupied. you'll get some toys sorted and weeded out and they will enjoy playing with some toys. And if they refuse to give something up, wait until they go back to school to put it in the give away pile. Chances are, they'll never miss it.

Puzzles are a great way to spend time together and still not be a complete vegetable. And it's easy to take a break from and come back. All day long. Before you know it, it starts coming together and everyone is trying to finish it.

Do a kid switch if possible. I have a couple of families close by that have kids the same age. I trade my son for their daughter and instant playdate. It's a snow day dream.

That's about as organized as a snow day gets around here. Beyond that, I say it's movies and coca as much as you want. :-)

Yours, waiting to see the school closings list for the day,


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