Monday, February 15, 2010


It occurred to me that I haven’t given you an update on my weight loss lately. I thought about this for 2 reasons. One is that I hit another major goal, but I’ll tell you about that in a minute. The other reason is that in my Weight Watchers meeting last week, the leader asked us about “going public” with our weight loss journeys. She was talking about whether we share with friends, etc, but here was me, chiming up saying “Oh yeah, I tweet and facebook about it. Heck, I even blog about my weight loss!” When everyone stared at me like I had grown horns, I explained that the more people who know, the more accountable I am to them, and the less likely I am to gain the weight back. I just don’t want to be embarrassed basically!

So here’s my latest weight loss update:

I’ve hit 40 pounds!!!

Just for fun, I thought I’d post all my different head shots that I’ve used over the past year or so for my profile pics. (I really show my weight loss in my face!) So here goes:

Karen headshot2Karen headshot Karen headshot4Karen headshot5

LOOK, I went from 3 chins to only 1!!!!

So that’s my self-pat-on-the-back for the day! Anyone else who needs a pat on the back, just post it here and you’ll get one from me!


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  1. Hey dude, that makes a lot of difference when you loss weight. And when its guaranteed that you will not gain back the weight, then it is a good thing and we must go for that.