Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts-Birthday Boys

Warning! This is a completely sentimental and schmaltzy post. But it's our blog and well, come back tomorrow if you want humor!

Karen and I are hitting milestones this week. On Monday, my Z1 turned nine. On Wednesday, her twins turned nine. Where did that time go?

It went to bedtime stories, Boy Scouts, swimming lessons, preschool, puzzles and floor games. Car rides in the middle of the night so they could fall asleep. Hours of holding and walking the floor, rocking them in rockers. Days of chasing them around to protect them from things they were going to get into the moment we turned our eyes. It went to sloppy wet kisses and first utterances of "Mamamamamamamama!" Afternoons of them falling asleep on our chest, and us not moving an inch, trying to hold back a tear because it was just too sweet. It went to days of thinking,"I love you because I'm your mother, but I don't like you very much right now!" and afternoons of,"If I can remember who gave you that incredibly ANNOYING toy, I'm going after them!"And more moments of finding those sweet arms flopped over our sides at 3 AM and us scooting over to make room for that middle of the night visitor. Countless trips to the zoo, school parties, and playdates to burn off the endless energy at the park.

Can't believe they've gotten to this age. Love how far they come, walking with them every step of the way, can't wait to see how high they'll fly.

Happy Birthday to our boys!


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