Wednesday, February 3, 2010


A day in my life of vacation planning…

Yesterday morning (on the phone):

Me: Based on the condo availability and airfare rates, we can only go to Miami from late Monday afternoon to Friday evening, which would give us 4 full days there.

Him: Would the kids rather go to Orlando?beach

Me: I’ll ask.

(10 minutes later, I call him back.)

Me: The kids would rather go to the beach.

Him: Okay.

Me: Are you sure?

Him: Yes (distracted, since he’s at work now)

Me: Are you REALLY SURE? It’s only 4 days.

Him: It’s fine (still distracted).

I buy the tickets on line, but have learned my lesson with the whole Sister’s Trip to Mexico During The Swine Flu Craze, and purchase the insurance for $100.


Him: I don’t know, 4 days isn’t very long.

Me: (silence)

Him: What if we just went back to Tampa?

Me: (after long pause) Well, you DO realize that I already purchased non-refundable tickets (not letting on that I bought the insurance) and it took me forever to find a condo to rent because everyone is already full since it’s spring break?

Him: Why don’t you just take a look anyway?

Me: (silence, with evil eyes)

Him: Well, it’s just not really worth going for only 4 days there.

Me: You do this EVERY time, you know.

Him: (totally innocent) I do WHAT every time?

Me: You say you want to go somewhere, I research and research, I wait for you to look over what I’ve found to get your opinion, you wait and wait to even look at it, let alone give me any opinion, which usually is just a quick “fine”, then at the last minute you complain about what I havemad_puppy-11968 booked. Wouldn’t it just be easier to give me your opinion while I’m still making arrangements?

Him: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t you just look into Tampa? (Avoidance? A little bit!)

Me: Fine. Whatever.

Him: I don’t know why this is such a big deal.

Me: Just stop talking now.

Him: Are you trying to make a fight out of this? (Is he kidding me?)

Me: Really, don’t say another word to me.

I spend the rest of the night researching airfares and condos.

The moral of my story? It doesn’t matter how organized I try to be sometimes; DH can be there to mess it up for me!


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