Monday, February 22, 2010


Why is it that when my kid’s teacher asks to see me, I feel like I’m the one who did something wrong? For a split second, I wonder what I did! Then, when I snap back to reality, I wonder what my kid did wrong. And in the next split second, I’m back to wondering what I did wrong, because, after all, if my son did something, I’m sure I’m to blame somehow. Right?

Okay, that was confusing! But the question is this: Am I the only oneangry teacher who feels like I am being reprimanded by the teacher when she talks to me about my child? Why do I feel like I’m back in elementary school, sitting in those little chairs, with the teacher, glasses on the tip of her nose, shaking her finger at me? (Okay, maybe that’s just MY visual, but it’s how it makes me feel!)

Teacher: Your son is not following directions.

Translation in my head: You’re a terrible mother. You let your son play too many video games.

Teacher: He talks too much in class.

Translation: You’re a terrible mother. You let him eat too much candy.

Teacher: He doesn’t pay attention during class discussions.

Translation: You’re a terrible mother. He doesn’t get enough sleep.

ashamed puppyYou get the idea. No matter what she says, automatically I’ll think it’s my fault.

So today, I’ll be sitting in my son’s classroom, trying not to feel like a complete failure of a parent. Who knows, maybe she’s calling me in to tell me what a wonderful and exemplary child I have.

Do teachers ever do that???????


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