Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Debate- WHEN should School Start?

I'm still in a state of disbelief that school supplies are out. I mean, summer just got started, right? I'm just getting into summer mode and they want me to think about pencils and notebooks and backpacks and all those other things.  Nope, not ready yet.

I remember in elementary school, we did not start the school year until after Labor Day. Aahhh, the SEPTEMER start. That feels right. It feels like we've all been away from each other long enough to actually WANT to go back to learning in an educational setting. The kids are ready, the moms are ready, those wonderful teachers are ready- because we've all had the break we've needed. These days, the school year starts mid-way through August, so we can have a weekend off every month of the school year, which I loathe.  Having been an elementary and secondary teacher, I get teacher development, but think we're over doing it a little? I do!

Do you know that in Missouri, there is a Labor Day Start Law? Click here to read about it. Our schools are claiming agricultural exemption. Have you been to West St. Louis County lately? Yeah. I think our district is one of the worst offenders, yet we are by no means considered an agricultural community.  I love the schools here, and I'm completely grateful that we are  challenging our kids, but I would love to see it happen between September and the beginning of June with less days off. 

Opinions? Comments? What's going on in your community? Let the comments fly!

Yours, thinking I might start a petition,


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