Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Minute

It's Monday, and this will only take a minute. Promise.

And for any male readers, I just want to be fair and warn you that I am going to be talking about female things. . . FAIR WARNING.

It started when on Wednesday afternoon. I noticed that my right breast was hurting. Not just achy, but tender to the touch. And slightly larger than my left side, as well. A little concerned, I went into the bathroom to check it out. Hmmm. . .  looked a little swollen. I began to feel around a little bit. Left side first, since it felt normal. On to the right side. It was then that I felt it. A mass. A lump. A something that I had never felt there before.  

Okay. . . let's not jump to conclusions, Melissa. Breathe. Calmly. Try again. Once more, the left side, then the right. Yep. It was still there. Okay. I got dressed, got distracted with the kids and finished the day. That evening, my husband was laying in bed and I asked him to do the same exam for me. I knew that I wasn't "feeling things" when I saw the look on his face. Masked Panic.

"Melissa, what is that?" he asked. "I can definitely feel something there." 

Needless to say, I got on the phone to the doctor the next day. The nurse and I missed each other all day long. Finally she got to me on Friday afternoon (after I had gently called a few times). I explained all my syptoms. Then she said the words that I don't know if they brought panic or relief," Where are you? If you can get here right away, I can see you before we leave for the weekend."

I happened to be in my car at the time, 10 minutes from their office. I whipped that car around and made it in five.

15 minutes later the nurse practitioner is examining me. After a thorough, thorough examination, she said the words I had been praying to hear for the last 48 hours. "I really think it's swollen fibroids."

I tried to concentrate on her words through teary eyes. Lots of things to take in. And I will go for a follow up in another three weeks. But the most important thing she repeated three times was,"You ABSOLUTELY did the right thing in being concerned. There was definitely a big difference in your right and left side and it is nothing to play around with."

You will probably hear more about it on this blog in the coming weeks. But just take a few minutes today and check your chest. Whether it hurts or not. Whether you have reason to panic or not. Do it. Do it for you, for your kids, your partner, your girlfriends, for every important person in your life.

It's Monday and it will only take a minute.

Yours, relieved I took the time,



  1. SO relieved for and with you, MB! Only wish I'd known so I could have checked in with you and been praying earlier. I, too, have fibrocystic breasts (or as my doctor so professionally refers to them: knotty boobs)I'm thankful for your quick response and for your good news! Keep me updated on your follow-up visit!


  2. Just read this, Melissa. Sorry to be insensitive to it today when I saw you, but I wasn't aware. Glad you are doing a follow-up, too! The double check never hurts a thing!