Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Funny!

Okay, my sister will so kill me for posting this, but it's hilarious. 

A few years back, she was over at the house with the kids. We were attempting to fit us all in a small, blow-up pool. It was summer, we were hot. WE just wanted to cool off. Her third child, a tween aged boy, was having issues with his swim trunks. I happened to be much closer to him in proximity, and she was otherwise occupied. So she called out,"Honey, just have Aunt Mimi help you."

Stunned silence and a slight protest insued.

"But Mah-ah-ooom!"

"Honey", she says,"It's okay. Aunt Mimi has a little boy. Besides, if you've seen one willie (that's how we refer to that particular male part to the younger boys in our family) you've seen them all. They're all the same."

"No they're not!" he replied. She and I looked a each other in total confusion. "Oh really?" she asked."So tell me, how are they different?"

"Mom!" he said impatiently. He looked at both of us with his huge, blue, innocent eyes and with complete seriousness and his little speech inflection he said,"Some ahre hairwy and some ahre not!"

I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants.

yours, hoping you have a wonderful weekend,


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