Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

This morning I was having a cup of coffee and settling down for some "quiet time" before the entire house was awake. My husband was in the studio with me,  and he sat down opposite of me and picked up my laptop.

That one, little motion in and of itself is enough to make me let out a little gasp. After all, it is MY laptop. And why does he want it? And if he's using it, then I CAN'T!

He pulled the laptop to his chest, cradled it, stroked it and in a very Gollum-like voice said,"My preeeeecciooussssss." (If you haven't seen Lord of the Rings, you won't get this).

But my thought today is, WHEN did I become SO attached to my laptop and cell phone? I mean seriously, is it time for me to detox? What would life look like without my electronics? How much time would I gain everyday without the WWW?




  1. Get off my toes! :)

  2. I get pissy and moody if I can't use the computer. And I let my husband know it. xD I would DIE without the internet, seriously.