Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Minute

It's Monday. Remember this time last Monday? I was still pretty freaked out over my whole "chest mass". It's still there, but not nearly as sore as it was. I think I might go in for the follow-up, just to be sure. DID YOU CHECK YOUR CHEST? It will only take a minute.

If you haven't checked out some of our Wednesday reviews, make sure you scroll down or look at some of the archives. Some cool things being given away. Wouldn't want you to miss out.

And hey- has anyone been in the stores lately and seen the school supplies? Whaa? Whaa?  We are only HALFWAY through summer, people! It's too early to think about school supplies. It's not even August yet, let alone close to being September.  And now that I have no more summer camps to teach I'm ready for some more pool days. :-) Bring on summer!

Yours headin' to the pool (for swim lessons),


1 comment:

  1. No worries, D. Not a big deal at all. Not like YOU don't have a MEGALOAD on your plate. . .