Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You Don't Know Until You Ask

Is your sitter CPR certified? For an adult? Child? Infant? How about a first aid course? What would they do if your child started choking?

I know, you don't think about these things when you are walking out the door. You are only focused on getting where you have to go.  But I'm certainly glad I ask my sitters. About a year ago, my sitter was walking to the bus stop to pick up Z1 (my boy) and she had Z2 (my girl) with her and Z2 was eating an orange. All of a sudden, Z2 was choking on the orange piece. She could not clear it from her throat. Luckily, my sitter was certified and knew exactly what to do. She used the Heimlich Maneuver and (as far as I'm concerned) saved my little Z2! 

So glad I asked. You don't know about your sitter? Go ask her now.



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