Monday, May 18, 2009

Change is Comin'!

It's the Monday Minute! Tune-in Tuesday Debate! Wednesday Whatever. . .  Thursday Thought and Friday Funny!  

Yep, we will be attempting to be going to a new format just to bring a little order to the chaos.  We also like routine. We are, after all, moms. And you know what happens when routine gets unexpectedly blown out of the water. Well, it can all go to heck if you can't recover. 

So the Monday minute will be something short and sweet- just enough to get us going for the day.  And I've got to write it in a minute or less. (Oh, Help me!)

Tune-in Tuesday Debate- This is YOUR time to get involved. Each Tuesday we will post a question about family and kids and parenthood that will undoubtedly cause a surge of opinion. We want to hear from you! So, comment away.

Wednesday is whatever. It could be anything. you'll have to check us out to see.

Thursday Thoughts- anything from something sweet, to inspiring, to thought provoking.

Friday Funny- must read as you hear funny family stories. It will make you feel more normal. And who knows- send us your funny story and you, too, might become part of our blog.

So that's my minute for Monday.

See you tomorrow!


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