Friday, May 29, 2009

An AWWWW moment from Mexico

As most of you know, my sisters and I went on vacation to Mexico last weekend. Whenever I go out of town without my children, they each give me a stuffed animal to bring with me so I won’t forget them. (Okay, just because I want a little break, does NOT mean I’m going to forget them, but whatever!) So I let the boys pack the animals in my bag and I make sure to take them out as soon as I get to my destination. We wouldn’t want the little guys suffocating, now would we?

So this trip was no exception. Twin1 gave me his Raccoon named Rocky (my suggestion – you know, Rocky Raccoon by the Beatles!) and Twin2 gave me his frog, Ben. Just as I was directed, I took them out when I got to the resort. Well, the housekeeper who gave me my turn-down service each evening may not have spoken English, but she sure understood my animals! Each night, she would put them in different positions on my bed, ready to greet me when I came in the door. Here are two:

When I talked to my boys on Skype each night, I would show them how Rocky and Ben were sitting. They LOVED it!

It was a small, yet warm gesture that she made each evening. To me, she is somebody who shows pride in her work, and wants to make others happy, as she did for me and my boys. And yes, she got a big tip!


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  1. Karen, too cute. Reminds me of parent's pictures of their rooms on their cruises.