Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday Funny!

So Wednesday at noon I picked up Z2 from school.  She was in a happy, bubbly mood. The normal things ensue. After questions about her day, she proudly hands me a treasure. "Mommy," she says excitedly, "Hannah gave this to me and I saved it for you!" and she plops a chocolate Easter Egg into my hand. "I KNOW they're your favorite." 

I love chocolate Easter Eggs. Even though that piece of chocolate was probably more than a month or two old, I unwrapped its shiny, blue foil, grateful for my unexpected fix. I popped it into my mouth and let it begin to melt. Yum. What a sweet thing for my little girl to do for me!

About fifteen seconds later, she's talking and mentions in a BTW kind of tone,"Oh, that's not the egg that Hannah gave me. Silly me! I found yours on the floor."


Happy Friday,


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