Friday, May 15, 2009

Hilarious Hotel Story

We’re always looking for good “kid” stories, right? And if nothing too funny or exciting is happening with our kids, we look at our friends and their families. Well, this story is WAY too good not to share!

My friend, Joan, went with her two daughters, Susan, 17, and Abby, 15, to a college graduation in another city. (Of course, names are changed so “Abby” doesn’t get too embarrassed!) Abby had her own room and Joan was sharing a room with Susan. As soon as they checked into the hotel, they all went to their respective rooms to clean up and get ready for the day ahead.

Joan forgot to give Abby something, so she went next door and knocked. And knocked. And knocked. And then called. And texted. Over and over again. By this point, Joan is starting to get pissed off. She can’t believe that Abby either is ignoring her or that she laid down and fell asleep that quickly. So she goes back to her room and takes a shower. Then she tries again. And again, just like before. Still no answer.

All of a sudden, Susan says, “Mom, do you hear that?” And sure enough, through the wall, they can hear Abby yelling, “Help me, somebody help me!”

(Okay, just take a moment here to imagine. You hear your 15 year old daughter yelling for help and you have no way to get to her. I get weak in the knees just thinking about it.)

So frantically, Joan calls down the front desk, while Susan runs down there to get somebody. Joan is just about to break the window to get in when the manager gets inside. And guess what they find? (Now, remember, I wouldn’t be telling this story if it didn’t have a happy ending!)


She had run into her room, threw everything down on the bed, and ran into the bathroom. And closed the door. (Am I the only one who leaves the door open if I’m alone?) When she tried to get out, the doorknob broke.

So after all this, the panic, the rescue, the relief, what does Abby say to her mom? “See, I TOLD you I don’t take my phone EVERYWHERE!”

Joan aged about 10 years that day.

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